The Fairy Tale

>> Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Yo yo! Ok so here is the magical story of how the princess met her prince...

They met through their friends at a Hawaii themed Royal Ball thrown in the honor of one very exotic princess who could herself be from Hawaii or Bali... or any other super exotic place with big colorful flowers. Anyway, they fell in love at first sight among the garlands of the above mentioned flowers.

How wonderful it was! And even though they are from very different kingdoms, both their families welcomed the other with open arms!

"THANK goodness they're getting married and will be out of our hair!!!!" - exclaimed the royal families

The Prince and the Princess decided indeed to wed and invited all to join in the happy occasion at a nearby Castle! Lots of distinguished guests came from both far and near and it was surely an affair to remember.

Red carpets and Silver carriage brought the happy couple to the Castle - of course!

Everything was beautiful and lovely!!

Isn't it SOOOO romantic!!!?! Isn't Marriage just so magical and wonderful???!!! Don't we all just want to fall in LOOOOOVE??? Oh yes... for a midnight snack the Prince took the Princess to another Castle adorned with Golden Arches...

HAHA!!! Welcome to the married life honey!
No, but seriously, the happy couple are now honeymooning in Hawaii... perhaps because that was the theme of the party they first met at??? We can only guess... Ahhhh Romance...!


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