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>> Monday, August 7, 2006

Another extremely faaaHHHbulous weekend! Yes, well any weekend that involves the beach and tropical drinks will just be sooooo good!

Jazz and I went to long island, and I just have to say as much as this young lady seems like a diva-diva, she was promptly waiting form me at the appointed hour of 9am in the morning in front of Balthazar with my coffee in hand!! (Yes, that's AM people... AM!!)

After doing an excellent job on our tans, we proceeded to Long Beach for some lunching! All you lunch enthusiasts get ready for a real treat!!

I had summer salad, greens, tomatoes, goat cheese, and slices of orange... oh was so refreshing and a bit of sweet to it!!!

Jazz's salad had jumbo shrimp and asparagus in it.... we licked those plates clean... which apparently excited the next table full of 18 yr old boys eating big buffalo burgers (which I've had there before and they are supper yummy as well).

For drinks I had a pina colada and Jas a mango daquiry. Sweeeeeet, lip licking goodnes!!!!

We discussed my man and when it would be appropriate timing to start asking for more presents.... and (guys shut close your ears) how to do it in a way that its TOTALLY his idea....

We also discussed her no good for nothin' ex... (well he was definitely good for one thing... but nothing irreprlacable that can't be procured from another able young gentleman.)

We have concluded that no relationship is a failed relationship if girl got Chloe shoes out of it!!!
But as we like to say here at Sempre Primavera. "Thank you very much... NEEEEEXT!!!!"

Here is Jazzy with her Divaesque hat... single (able) young gentlemen... please bring your bottle of Coppertone cus this baby needs some lotion on her shoulders so they don't burn! Quickly!!

Is that a law journal she is reading??

Probably... I glanced over and didn't see any pictures so I'm assuming it was!


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