The invisible enemy cries in defeat....

>> Friday, August 11, 2006

Yes perhaps some (all) people may consider this a medically definable disease called delusion, but these people most likely have never lived in NY. Otherwise they would find it perfectly normal to understand that all things that take place in NY are specifically designed to torture people that live there precisely for the fact that they live there.

Oh! You think you're glamorous that you work in Manhattan? Really? Well, we'll make sure you spend at leat 4 HOURS commuting on various forms of PUBLIC transportation with very "public" looking people! Then we'll see if you'll be able to feel glam in your posh office after that..!

Oh, so you decided to move to Manhattan to be close to your posh job and to all the "MARVELOUS" things the city has to offer, wich supposedly include theater and all kinds of exotic restaurants. (Personally I suggest you eat in a Mexican restaurant for an authentically exotic experience since all chefs in Manhattan are in fact from Mexico.) Anyway, you want to enjoy all that??? Well we'll stuff you into a tiiiiiiiny tiiiiiny apartment!!! OH WAIT! That's not enough!! For complete satisfaction we'll CHARGE you extraordinarily for it!!! But don't worry, that forever backing up garbage truck right outside your window that will never stop making these loud beeps, will be there free of charge for you to enjoy... always!

Yes, all bad things that happen to you while you're in Manhattan is the result of this invisible enemy trying to suck the life out of you! Why? For its own evil fun!

Well, today, I won! Working from home, I saved 2 hours of commute time this morning, OH AND 2 hours of commute back... I worked in my pajamas with my laptop on the verandah from 6am to 11am, since its a summer Friday (short work day) I'm done for the day! I have 10 mins till the pool opens and that's where I'll be enjoying the sun!!! Life as it SHOULD be!!! Screw Manhattan!!!!! Not today invisible enemy!!! You can kiss my a$$ when I flip over to tan my back.

*Bad mood is NOT permitted on Sempre Primavera, but aggressive and violent outbursts SURE! Why not!


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