>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm kinda stressed. Do you know how stressful it is to plan perfectly wonderful romantic weekends!?

Well, I've planned, even if I'll have to pass it off later as something that just luckily happened...

So currently the trunk of my car is just about prepared for anything:
champaign glasses
eye drops
Terry towels
3 litter bottles of water
mini cooler
oh yeah and champaign....

And WHO else would you count on than your friends to help you through the stresses! My friend Dulce went even as far as booking herself and her guy into the very same hotel and eating at the very restaurant that I have reserved... All this just so I can have the reassurance that all is in "A" ok shape!!!! Well, that, and I guess she wanted to have a perfectly wonderful romantic weekend as well. Which it was, she confirmed.. weeehw.

But I'm still nervous about seing Nico... I don't know why!!!

wait... you think I like him... or something?


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