Mahhhh siiiii, NY sa festeggiare!!!!

>> Monday, July 10, 2006

What a crazy finale!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad at the last minute I decided to cheer the Mamma's boys. I decided I felt passionate enough about not wanting the roosters to win to cheer for the mammones. AND WHAT A TREAT!!!! Honestly, I did not expect Azzuri to pull it off, but once they got that first goal, I KNEW they were taking it home (..home to mamma obviously...)!!!!!!

It all about the Mediterranean sun and salt. It does something to people that is not possible to explain unless you've tasted it. This game was nuts because the two Mediterranean spirits were fighting each other. It wasn't a game of kick-ball this was a game of emotional strength.

I'm not about to comment who played better, whose technique was better... they both played well, this was about who kept it together and who failed to stay strong in the head.

As far as I am concerned Italy played stronger because they didn't fall apart after the first French goal. They collected their emotions into a fist and went forward and scored! I think after that goal they all realized that they can really take this thing! And this feeling is very important because it grips you and if you go with it you will be unstoppable!! On the opposite side, if you loose this belief for even a second... its OVER for you. I think in this case its what happened to France. They were hoping to ride it out on the one goal... but it didn't happen. They played a great game, but because in their heart they lost that feeling of sureness it brought them down.

And once again, it all about blindly KNOWING you can do it. This again is exhibition of what we are trying to promote here at sempreprimavera, what exactly happens when you believe anything is possible??? Well that's what happens! You DO IT! YOU GET IT!!!!

A bit heavy of a discourse for the day after the big game... as I'm sure those of us who celebrated still feeling the effects of the birras... as I am for certain... Mammamia!

So I leave you with some party shots!!! It was CRAZY I tell you!!!!! CRAZYYYY!!!!!!!!

Nothing happens in NY without police involvement...


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