Gold Digger!?? What's that??

>> Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Men are just so silly sometimes.

I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine about Gold Digging women. This friend of mine, who is rather rich (I think so) having various international properties, farms, and businesses, has actually has been through marriage and a divorce a long time ago, and currently is thinking about getting married again. He is a rather in shape, handsome kinda gentlemen in his early 40s. He definitely knows how to turn on the charm and I've seen him date a number of tall, skinny girls (models).

Just to keep in mind, he is not at ALL flashy with his money, though being around him for a bit, one figures it out. Anyway, he was complaining how all the ladies that he meets are very much interested in finding out about his financial situation. He went on to whine how NYC is full of either gold digging princesses, or gold digging non-princesses. So basically he just called all NYC women gold diggers weather they're rich on their own or not.

"Well, dear friend" I told him, "Not to be rude but if you're a 40 yr old man, regardless how handsome you maybe, if you insist on dating 22 yrs olds you should probably EXPECT that your money would be a pretty huge factor!"

"OK fine, but say I was their age, I am sure they would be into my money anyway!!"

"Honestly, I really don't understand why you are so bitter and aggressive about it? Isn't it logical that a person wants to find a partner with whom they can enjoy a certain style of life? In other words, why shouldn't pretty girls want to marry rich boys??? In fact, I think it is wonderfull that they know what they want and are honest about it with themselves! How unfair would it be for them to meet a nice guy, fall in love, marry them and then divorce them because of being dissatisfied after a few years since the life style is not as they expected?"

"Well if they loved the guy in the beginning, they should love him even if he can't buy them lavish things." Clearly my friend was missing the entire point...

"OK, that's the whole thing!!! You must watch what you're doing FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Don't hang around with guys that are not of the financial status that is acceptable to you... one can fall in love with anyone, so why not a good looking rich guy!! If you know what you are looking for in life, and if it is a certain lifestyle, than you hang around boys with correct amounts in their bank accounts and fall in love with one of them!" DUUUHH!!! "That's not gold digging, that's called being honest and planning ahead. In fact these girls are doing the guy a huge favor! They're choosing to fall in love (or be with) those that can give them what they want! What's wrong with that??"

"Well that's just shallow!"

"Its not shallow its smart! Being together with a guy because he has curly eyelashes... now that's shallow! Being with him because he is rich (AND perhaps has curly eyelashes) now that's just smart."

"So would you want to marry a rich guy? And you would not consider a poor guy?"

"Of course! Exactly! Logical!" DUUUUUH!!!!!! "Sure, I would chose a guy who has a nice personality, and that I get along with, so that in case he happens to loose all his money there would be other good qualities to enjoy, but would I ever consider dating a guy that was below me financially? The answer to that is a very simple NO."

Yes women care about money. So what!? Isn't it logical and natural?? Women have "motherly" instincts and just like a tigress makes the tiger do it 300 times in a short period of time before she is able to conceive (thus assuring that she will mate only with those that will give her strong healthy children) the same way women want to be with someone with money. Money that will assure that their children will be taken care of and will get to go to stnooty colleges etc.. etc... It all very primal! As much as we think we have evolved... we really have not, things just have new labels now.

In fact men should be proud that their woman chose them using her head, and the fact that she is interested in their money shows that she is SERIOUS about building a life with them not just having a fun screw or two! Cus lets face it guys, having a big... you know what, while extremely important, is just not enough to build a life with.

So lets applaud all the "gold diggers" and congratulate them on being smart, serious women!
And last remark to my friend: "Stop whining and being a typical "guy" that wants women to lie through their teeth and say that they love you for your balding head and not for the fact that they you are a potentially great life partner! If you want a woman to lie to you, go to a whore house and request what you like. If you want to build a life together with a serious woman, print out your bank account statements while humming a happy tune! Hopefully you have cable so she doesn't have to wait to long for them to download!!!

Ok, kids, class dismissed.


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