Don't you love snow days!? the summer!!!!???

>> Friday, July 14, 2006

The airconditioning is so strong in the office that I find it extremely useless that my chair has wheels since the wind from the conditioner keeps blooooooowing me to the other side of the office! I proceed to stand up and fight the wind to wheel my chair back to my table... OH... what's that??? I cant recognize where my table is since it is currently overcome by and ICEBERG OF TITANIC PROPORTIONS!!!!!!

That's ok, I always have my ice pick and ice boots handy (in the summer) so I'll just put them on, rope myself and try to climb on top of the iceberg, I mean, why should an ice mountain stand between me and my work??

It was a long and arduous climb... but luckily I had the beautiful Northern Lights keeping me company! I did encounter a few polar bears, but they were friendly and licked my face with their pink tongues... I was rather freezing so one of the bears's tongues got stuck to my cheek. That was an uncomfortable 20 minutes...

I also met some penguins and they were playful as ever. I inquired after what could possible be making them so gay, and they said that they LOVE spending their vacations in NYC during the summer since its so freezing in all the offices. They were especially looking forward to playing over at the large financial corporations since the're the frozen landshaft offers good ground for sledding. "Ahhh, yes, carry on my gay penguin pals."

Ok, enough goofing around, what I'm trying to say is: TURN THE FRKN AIRCONDITIONER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nico honey, can you please bring me some hot chocolate and my raindeer mittens!


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