>> Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Today was just a total bliss...

Started out with mega croissont dipping in nutella with about 3 cups of coffee. Believe it or not but at 8.30am it was already too humid and hot to sit on the verandah! And I must have my coffee hot, I don't care that the thermostat is bleeding colors. After breakfast I decided to go have a dip in the pool. After the dip I felt refreshed enough to go for a run in the park. I ran once around and decided that I should get back to the pool and not be so ambitious, it was just too humid. I ate some more... swam... ate again... swam... ate more... swam. Actually there are just two activities that I know of that make me lose lots of weight yet make me so hungry at the same time... yeah... one of them is swimming.

Then the game started Italy vs. Germany. Obviously very important! Watched from the pool and as you can imagine the outcome was less than pleasant. I had to council Nico from dropping off into great despair. I love Italy and all, but I can just imagine the entire Italy team on their celulari calling casa to talk to la mamma!!"

"Mamma!! Mamma!!!! Abbiamo vinto!!!! abbiamo vinto!!" Mommy!! Mommy!!.... we won!! And I can almost hear la mamma on the other line:

"Bravo, bravo amore... ma mettiti la giacca che ti viene il rafreddore!!!" bravo my love... now put on that jacket before you catch a cold

Is that the type of men you want as the winners of the world cup??? Nooooooo! Ok, ok I'll stop now... just because I feel qualified to be a fan of quite a number of teams, doesn't mean I should make fun of the few teams that I chose not to cheer for.

Mmmmm, I'm on the verandah now... and smelling some good stuff on the grill... Its time to go see what my neighbors are up too!!! Some cold beers and spicy sausages would be in order right now! Its 4th of July or ain't it!!?


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