>> Sunday, July 16, 2006

You know what I just realized?... I lost my "little black book"!!!

To elaborate: I lost my phone during my drunken stupor of the World Cup final in a classic move of it falling out while I was in a cab. Its not a big deal since I am constantly on email with all my "important" people so I just emailed them to send me their numbers. Out of my 180 numbers I've recovered about 100 of them. The ones that are still missing are: my headhunters' numbers which I'll get when they call me next month (they keep tabs on me quarterly); my ex - managers - I'll just call them in the office; the only phone numbers that I lost and seems like for good are all my ex-boyfriends... I really don't delete people from my life (my phone). I believe in staying on good terms even after the relationship is over, and even if I haven't actually talked to many of them in years, it is still nice to send happy b-day and merry christmas text messages, and plus its good to know that they're in your phone and are accessible at any moment if need be. Well... no more. Ooops...

I guess my little black book has been cleared, hmm funny that it took me a whole week to actually realize it.


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