Luck of the Irish?

>> Friday, March 17, 2006

We don't believe in Luck here at Sempre Primavera. As you may have guessed, Luck is not something that happens, its something that we MAKE happen. We grab it by its skinny throat shake it up a bit, lean into its silly little face and yell in a commanding tone:


Luck pees itself from fear and panic... and than jumps up to go and "happen" ....

Haha, nooo we are not so vicious and violent here at SP, usually we just flirtatiously kiss Luck on the cheek, bat our lashes and say: "Ciao, Sexy... happen today!" But yes, if that by chance does not work on first try, you better believe strangulation WILL follow.

What the heck was I saying... oh yeah...

Being it St. Paddy's day and all, four leaf clovers, and green beer... luck is supposed to be in the air... and well that's just it! If you think its in the air than it IS. Luck is like happiness, everyday you must decide to be happy; and everyday you must decide if you want to be LUCKY.

So today's assignment kids, is to be LUCKY! (not "get" lucky, that's tomorrow's lesson!)

And if you want to gag from all this positive thinking than MY JOB IS DONE!!!!

I'm gonna go and be lucky now!
Happy St. Patricks day!


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