>> Saturday, March 11, 2006

My birthday is coming up soon, and yes this makes me an Aries. I absolutely do not believe in this whole astrology stuff, but I sure love everything that they say about an Aries.

We're stubborn, energetic, impatient, good at starting things but get bored before we finish them, strong, beautiful, loyal, like things our way.... super confident and inspire the same in others.

And as a true Aries I love even the "negative" personality traits that I have. I feel proud of being stubborn as much as I'm proud of being energetic. I believe its naturally up to me to start grand things and just as naturally its up to others to finish up all the details. I'll have no problems going through all the details of preparing a great dinner but if you think I'm doing the dishes!? You're DELUSIONAL.

However. I've noticed many times that I'm so impatient that I take matters in my own hands to force a resolution in ANY way I can! Which is NOT a good thing because sometimes I try to force things that are beyond my control by simply sabotaging the whole situation. Because at least if I sabotage it, I'm in control, and its almost easier to have a negative resolution immediately than having to wait "indefinitely" twiddling your thumbs....

Like the whole Nico thing. We're emailing and exchanging lots of pictures about everything. (Like I even sent him a picture of me having lunch at a cafe near my job, and he took a picture of the shop that changed a tire on his car...) But I'm just getting so impatient sometimes Sometimes I just want to stop talking to him completely.

STOP! (not you... just a mental command to myself...)

Don't despair from all this whining (which is very un-sempreprimavera-esque!). Thank goodness, I AM and Aries, and an Aries knows that in order to really "resolve" a situation, and every situation has a solution (as Phyllis Fogg would constantly remind Passparetut) one needs to make a plan of action!

Operation: "Get Nico"

Plan of Action: Do nothing (The most difficult for an Aries... thus the steps below are of uttemost importance.)

Step 1: Distract yourself from sabotaging the "could be international love affair" by~

a.) Getting a new manicure - a good one can distract you for a good 6 days
b) Actively look for a "local" boyfriend - that will take forever... good distraction
c) Start a company - somewhat tiresome but will definitely motivate you to do "a)" since you can write it off as a business expense under 'customer relations'. AND all the extra networking that must be done could lead you to inadvertently executing "b)" !!!

hmmm.... maybe this is what I've been waiting for to help get motivated to do "c)"!!!!! You SEE its SO GREAT to be logical!!

ok, before we get too excited we need a step 2 and 3... step 1 needs friends to cuddle with...

Step 2: Drive Nico up the wall while he drives you up the wall by making you wait... for who knows what...

a.) Visit the solarium, get a nice bronze going on and take pictures... hehehe... take that!
b.) umm... whatever "a)" will be good enough

Step 3: Increase your work out regimen to 2x per day. To burn off that extra energy.... that afflicts every Aries as Spring rolls around... and from Nico driving me up the wall.

Ahhhh.... there! I feel more in control already!!!! I freakin just LOVE the way my mind works! (haha yes, modesty is not something that afflicts an Aries... honesty is better!)

With these thoughts I'm immediately going ahead with the above steps!!!!! Immediately!


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