Wedding # 1

>> Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The wedding was absolutely amazing! I think this is the first wedding that I have been too that I enjoyed myself! Even at my cousin's wedding, it was weird, maybe because they were together for about 10 years so having an actual wedding seemed like a surprise, like "What? You mean you guys WEREN'T married??"

Pet and Luc's wedding was just gorgeous. St. Barts chapel was the perfect size, tall candles were lit down the isle... After the ceremony, the couple got into a vintage white limo (Bentley 1952) and was whisked of to the reception hall. (Exactly 2 blocks away, but whisked nevertheless!)

A huge part of the reason it was all so much fun, I think is because I knew a lot of the people. I also know both bride and groom for a VERY long time.

I know I was vowing and saying that no wedding will be attended by me without a date, but this was a special case... AND actually I knew that I would have a "quasi" date...

So let me do the run down on the logistics:

1. Outfit- Friday 5.45pm after the conversation with WallStr (it was her brother's wedding) I realize that I had a slight time miscalculation and that the wedding was in fact the next day!!!!

Slap the cellphone shut, run out of the office... Dial trusted advisor/psychologist Cadiz on that same cellphone... "Omg... OMG Cadiz...!!!! I've got exactly 11 hours to get ready for a wedding!!!!!!! And considering that the stores are closing in about 1.5 hours that just drastically decreased my get ready time!!!!"
"What's the matter?? Are you crying? Suffocating??"
" I'm just running to Union square... and its FREEZING!!!"

Anyway, to cut the jib-jab shorter, dear Cadiz stayed with me as I ran into the store and frantically grabbed dresses of all different shades, colors and sizes into my arms and swished into the dressing room under the glare of the dressing room girl who realized it would be up to her to sort through this mound of clothes when I was done... ops.. sorry... but its an EMERGENCY!!!!

Why not wear something I already have? Maybe a question a young, naive reader could pose... No, no nOOOO! Can't do that! Its against the NYC play rule-book! Read again, commit to memory!! Chop chop!

I will not bore you with the details of the discarded dresses (as I bored poor Cadiz who was glued to my ear via the cellphone the WHOLE time), but what I finally ran out with was the most PERFECT little black cocktail dress ever seen on the face of this EARTH. Yeah, I know black, how boring, but it so was NOT. Spaghetti straps, and its made with two different kinds of material, super divino!! Plus it was an afternoon wedding, thus very appropriate. I put it together with a strand of fat pearls, my new BCBG black high heels... and my loooong white coat with white fur collar. Was very simple and classic, and I was so totally happy with the look.

2. Date - Well, WallStr specifically told me that I was NOT allowed to bring any dates. (How sweet of you to try to ease the pain of the situation.) I would be sitting at the table with all the cousins that would be without dates themselves.

However, a friend of ours came that I havn't talked to in like 2 years due to some ridiculousness... that I was really hoping this meeting at the wedding would resolve, came and well since he didn't know anyone else and had to sit next to me... :) everyone assumed that we were a couple. Also the fact that we carried on bickering like an old married couple did not do much to discourage these thoughts.

3. Drama - One of WallStr's cousins from Germany is super CUTE! However the bad friend that she is she tried setting him up with another friend of hers... BOOO!!!!

4. More Drama - After the reception we (a bunch of friends and cousins) made our way to Brooklyn to continue on withe the festivities. A quick stop to the liquor store and I was just about having flashbacks to being sixteen. Anyway, at the apartment we were diligently making each other drinks, especially me making drinks to the girl that was supposed to be a set up for the German cousin... yes, I was desperately and shamelessly trying to take her out of the action. She in her own turn was desperately and shamelessly attached to the German cousin's arm the ENTIRE TIME!!!!!! Uffff, I bet he thoroughly enjoyed two chicks fighting for a piece of him... I'm sure everyone in Germany will hear about it. (I just hope Nico won't be one of those people!!!!)

5. Yet More Drama - I totally grabbed German cousin's butt. But in a very professional manner under the pretext of massage giving.... Set up girl did NOT appreciate that... oh well, don't worry it was my exit move as I realized no surgical equipment no matter how sharp would be able to remove her off of him... (Bravo, I appreciate a good competitor.)

6. Sleeping arrangements - well, all I know is I went to sleep all by myself in this huge big bed with a super soft warm comforter... and when I woke up... there were 3 more people with me- GOOD MORNING!!!

7. In the morning I actually had to get going since my car was parked in a garage in Manhattan and I didn't feel like paying an extra $27 bucks so I made sure to leave about 4 hours in advance to allow just enough time to get out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan on a Sunday train schedule... and like a proper hooker sporting the outfit from the night before... with mascara smudges... Classy.

All in all what a freakin' GREAT TIME!!!

It gives me hope for the next 3 weddings that are looming in the near future! Yet... I think I'm learning a lesson that if I ever get married, it will be an elopement.

One down people, 3 more to go!

Legal Note: Sorry people the pictures were not taken by me, but are correct to the story :) I did take non incriminating blog postable pictures specifically for the purpose... but my camera is missing in action some where... don't ask... I'm still depressed about it...


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