Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!

>> Wednesday, March 1, 2006

March is HERE!!!!

In some parts of the world, like Europe, it is officially SPRING! Here at Sempre Primavera we like we support the idea of spring being March 1st to May 31st. So guess what HAPPY Primavera!!!

March especially is a very VERY exciting month. For many reasons.

- It marks the arrival of Spring
- I was born in March (probably THE most important event in March - ever)
- Lots of energy in the air, re-birth, re-awakening.... and all that other good stuff

There is also another reason why THIS March is exciting...

- Its my anniversary month of Blogging!!! (The official date is March 4th, and we will have a proper party on that day as well.)

So I wanted to hurry up and be the first one to wish happy anniversary, and happy Birthday really to three other very special people, who are also March (blogger) babies...

Not only are they March blog babies, they also happen to be my first 3 blog pals and people that made this blog world a "real" place for me in different ways. They've made my blogging start such a great one, and I now have many more blog friends that are not only entertaining and make me smile, but also inspire, teach and challenge. I think part of the reason I blog, is because I enjoy following the events in their lives.

Sometimes I may think twice before telling my real life friends about a certain something, just to be cautious not to annoy, depress, anger or bore them (its possible considering I talk to my friends 24/7 and report everysingle little detail...twice a day), but you guys- I feel free to bore, annoy and anger you ANYTIME!!! ;) I think that's also part of the reason that I'm very honest on the blog about my thoughts.

So THANK YOU to all my blog pals! And a very special Thank You and HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to my fellow March Babies: CADIZ, VIKING and JAZZ!!!! Hey, when are we cracking open the Moet Chandon??!


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