>> Monday, March 27, 2006

Someone brought this site to my attention: www.americangirlsareeasy.com. Two American girls travel all around Europe keeping a diary of events; the result is what seems to be a pretty comprehensive guide on "how to find a guy in Europe, and leave him there". They basically profile different European guys and what its like to date them... including what kind of competition to expect from the local girls and how to get along with his mother. Very interesting... Some guys get pretty good reviews, however, the girls do recommend LEAVING them in Europe.

browse around, German guys get a hilarious review, we'll see if its true.. I love the suggestions on how to get in "good" with la mamma of the Italian guy.

I haven't dated any German boys before, but I've dated others profiled, and let me tell you, they're totally on.

Love it! Good job girls!

Side bar update: New section "Be Vogue Aproved" for some fashion inspiration...

ps: psst... happy b-day to me! yey! pictures of celebratory lunch manana...


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