>> Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DO YOU KNOW WHAT!? Mr. Highcontrast is here in NYC!!! I'm so excited! He'll be here for a couple of months on a work project. What a sight for sore eyes is he!!! So tomorrow we are going out for a bite of the big apple! If you see a super hot sexy guy and a girl that's totally happy and is hanging herself on top of him... yep that would be us!

Speaking of happily hanging yourself on guys... guess what!? I will now be quiet about ignoring Nico... because its TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I got his birthday gift for me... aaahhh. It was even wrapped in a pretty glittery paper! .... AAAHHhhhhh And to think that I read somewhere that guys from Germany are terrible gift-givers. NOT true!

PS: OH! and!!! Since Highcontrast will be in NY, that means I'll have arm candy date to bring to the wedding #2!!!!!!!!! YES!!!

(As you can imagine I choked the heck out of Luck this morning! See, told you it works!!)


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