>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My dad sent me an email saying that I should just update the website with just a 'few words' about what's going on and what I'm doing, and I shouldn't wait till I have enough time to sit down and write 'long stories'.

Ok, ok, you're right...

So let's do a brief run down:

Two weeks ago I went to ballet! Saw Romeo & Juliete. It WAS MAGICAL!!!! Ahhhhh No, Vito did NOT take me... he said something like, there would be only two circumstances in which hw would go to ballet, over his dead body OR if his mom would make him. I don't know seems a bit dramatic (but note taken about having his mom make him go next time!!!!)

I went with my work collegue Tina. She also has Eastern European back ground so I figured she would be into culture, art, and other such glamorous things. I was right!

This is the muziekteater, super gorgeous building on the Amstel river.

Then last week Vito and I went on a long weekend to Valencia, Spain! Ahhhhh.... what most wonderful few days ever! We were like real spaniards eating lunch at 2.30pm taking a siesta and heading out to dinner at 10pm!

More pictures will follow!
ok, there were my 2 words for the day :)


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