Last weekend...

>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

Clouds gathered and gathered... and gathered, but then sun told them to go play somewhere else! And it was sunny!!!

The clocks were changed to an hour early the weekend that we were in Valencia. I said, yey one more hour to party! Vito said, yey one more hour to sleeeeeeeep! But relationships are about making each other! we partied an hour more and sleept an hour more!!! :)

Well to be perfectly honest the next day we had to go to the airport in the morning to come back to Amsterdam. As we got into the metro all the clocks everywhere were showing one hour early. We just wrote the whole thing off to the "Spanish chaos" and thought nothing of it until we finally remembered that the clocks changed! It's ok, we spent the extra hour very productively - eating.

This weekend will be all about -relax- the girls are coming over on Saturday for a day of SPA and lots of Healthy fruity ....drinks! Can't wait!



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