What your ringtone says about you.

>> Friday, November 23, 2007

So there we were having a serious business meeting with a bunch of serious people. Then we hear a cellphone ring and this extremely Mexican voice said:

Papiiiiiiiiiiiiii coge el telefonooooooooooo! Coge lo porfavooooooooor...! Pero, coge te loooooooo!

It was the funniest thing E-V-E-R!

Well almost as funny as when I asked him to beam me the ringtone via bluetooth, he said: ''Um... I see 'BarbaRossa' is that you?" ...Right... I was using Vito's phone...
So I had to explain that BarbaRossa is indeed another pet name for my big bad Vito...


I couldn't find this exact one but here is a similar, funny one too: http://www.mundogsm.com/sonidos-77595.html


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