I shall pardon a Turkey this year...

>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanksgiving is coming and I invited Vito's parents and his brother for dinner. Excitingly enough it'll be their very first Thanksgiving dinner EVER!!! Yes, JUST like that first one for the pilgrims. :)

I'm beyond excited because it's the first time that I will host Thanksgiving and get to make all the dishes that have once made ME feel American. There aren't many things that Americans do all together as a country, one would be superball and the other would be Thanksgiving. People celebrate it no matter what religion they are because saying thanks after all is a very international concept. (Now CORRECT me if I'm wrong, but I do believe the word "thanks" does not exist in Japanese?) Well ok, fine so it's international - Japanese.

I've already announced that instead of the stuffed turkey we'll have a stuffed chicken and that is because:

a) I have NO idea how to make turkey

b) our combioven is not big enough to hold a whole turkey

c) a turkey in Holland costs about 50Euros -what is that in dollars? like $50,000?

d) I'm not really a big fan of turkey meat...

anyway a stuffed chicken will do just as well!

As for the cultural experience, as they would like to hear the whole story, I figured it would be fun to perhaps re-enact it!!! I will assign everyone to wear either a pilgrim's outfit or a Native American getup... hmmm... I think I will make a super cute Pocahontas!!

Now I just have to work on the menu!!!

**Is it me or are those DUTCH kids on the postcard???


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