Ahhh Paris... je t'aime!

>> Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cafe' creme...

Near the Louvre - I didn't actually go IN... that's for next time... maaaaaybe...

Walking towards the Sacre Cour'...

Ahhh... here we are up close...

Just grand, Paris is grand, if Amsterdam is cute and cozy... Paris is GRAND!


Pictures of my new.... BOOTS coming soon...
Oh and Alexis and I couldn't stop singing THIS song:

Joe Dassin... for those of you that are not in the know.
In a strange way I have my lovely parents to thank for the very first introduction to Paris. When I was young we watched just about all the French movies that were around sooooooo this visit to Paris was actually like coming back to a place I've visited already long before. I'm glad it did not disappoint! It really is just like in 'the movies' and even better! ;)

And this is wild, fancy a drive through Paris in a Ferrari driven by an F1 race driver??? Make sure to watch the very end... it explains why he was racing like a manicac... hehe

Can't wait to go back!!


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