>> Thursday, June 30, 2005

Here we go- here we go... I'm in LOVE!

I love it! Who ever will learn to bottle this stuff will be the richest person alive!!! Than again, that's probably the point- it's impossible to artificially reproduce this.

Before I give you the wrong idea, I must say that no, my gorgeous older man and I have not even been out yet. However we have been talking on the phone just about everyday. Funny, because I hate talking on the phone with guys (men) I like. I'm a very "tactile" person, I prefer getting to know someone new face to face. I like to observe...

Detail* He called me the very next day. I think that's the only way it should be. I even prefer them to call me immediately after I walk away. None of that 3 day waiting period nonsense, that' s for gun control, not love patrol.

Right- Back to being in LOVE-

Its awesome! What a high. Life is completely different now, yet nothing changed...
People seem prettier (yes, even on the train).
I run further in the park.
Birds sing for me. For ME!
My usual self satisfied smirk is now a BIG self satisfied smile.
The colors are more vivid- I'm so serious- I was staring at trees as I ran, and I couldn't believe how GREEN they looked.
The sounds are more alive... WE GOT STEREO PEOPLE!!!

Fine, I'm running ahead of myself, we haven't even been out yet. Who cares. What's important is that I feel niiiiice. Anticipation is the best.

Its like the energy in the air before a storm. Once you hear that first thunder the mystery is unvailed, you can guess what's coming...

Aaaah... I love being in love, SO good for your skin!


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