>> Wednesday, June 1, 2005

What's really great about NYC in the warm spring and summer months, is getting AWAY from it! (Sorry, lovers of new york) The Memorial Day Weekend is the official "start" to the get away. The weather this weekend was incredible. High sky with gorgeous cotton candy clouds, light breeze, and temperature in the perfect 80s! Lovely!

WallStr, Dulce and I made plans to go to Vineyard hopping in the Long Island Wine Country!
Aaaaahhh, what a beautiful day it was, and Memorial Weekend is actually the perfect time to stock up on wine for those summer parties.

Ok, here is the list of the Veneyards that we have visited. Well, at least those are the ones that I remember...

Laurel Lake had free tasting, and the tasting room was nice, its on the picture above.

Laurel Lake Vineyards
3165 Main Road, Rte. 25
Laurel, NY 11948
Phone: 631-298-1420

Moscato Sparkling NV$15.99/BOTTLE
This pineapple, aromatic sparkling wine blends soft acidity with sweetness, all of which adds to sipping pleasure. -- this was one of the many bottles we collectively bought but it was the MOOOST delicious! Aromatic! Sparkling!

Paumanok Vineyards
1074 Main Road, Rte. 25
Aquebogue, NY 11931
Phone: 631-722-8800

This was the third place we went to and I was already dizzy, but managed to pay attention to the explanation of the name "Paumanok" which means, Long Island.

Peconic Bay Winery
31320 Main Road, Rte. 25
Cutchogue, NY 11935
Phone: 631-734-7361

Jamesport Vineyards
1216 Main Road, Rte. 25
Jamesport, NY 11947
Phone: 631-722-5256

This was the one that we didn't really like. Wine was not the best we've tried and it was full of really rowdy people that were NOT wearing nice outfits, which annoyed me.

We went to the fifth one as well, which was my favorite! ROANOKE VINEYARDS, 3543 Sound Ave. (They don't have a website yet.) We got delicious asiago cheese and bread to go with our wines, and everyone was super friendly and talkative. (And they didn't even comment on my slurred speech! - just kidding, Ale never slurrs.)

Can't wait to do it again next year!!!


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