Why little pink pigs are flying over NYC.

>> Sunday, June 26, 2005

Little pink pigs!

Right, so all this talk about younger men... and you know what I did the other day!? I met an OLDER man! OOOH MY GOODNESS- I can see little pink pigs flying above NYC, because only under these circumstances was I going to catch myself liking an older man.

I know there are jaws dropping all over the world because every single person that knows me KNOWS that younger men are a religion to me almost. Its just the way it is! And now... this...

Before we get carried away, its not like I'm in love or anything close to it, its just that I actually met someone who I think is very sexy and who is OLD. Relatively speaking he is not old, I mean, he is only 35. But looking at my stats, that would be like a good 12 years older than the guys I like to date. Not to mention, eight years older than me! That's HUGE! Unthinkable, unimaginable!! Just impossible.

Another totally impossible thing is that I came up to talk to HIM! Now as forward, and feminist and liberated and all that nonsense that I am... I will NEVER do that. I will not go up to a guy unless he come up to me. Now, Jasmine had a post about that and I left a madwoman's reply saying not to EVER go up to a guy... another reason why the pink little pigs are making their flight...

I know this will never ever get serious (because that's what I do- I always specifically choose guys that I know I can never be serious with. I don't' do it on purpose, but for some reason its always like that). I'm just really surprised that I find him so attractive. He is one of those guys (men) that just makes you smile as you're on the subway and people just look at you and KNOW you're up to no good... hehehe

Ok, I'm going to go take pictures of the little pink pigs because its one of those rare occurrences, you know!? I'm kinda embarrassed about the whole thing... its just not something I would ever do.

P.S. talking about something I would NEVER do... Today for the very first time in my entire life I put on sun block. (SPF 15) soooo embarrassing ...little pink pigs...


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