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>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

I was in DIRE need of pampering!!! I mean, it took 3 WEEKS to get an appointment at this beauty salon... I mean hello, do they seriously not realize WHO I AM!?? Ugh! After Argentina I've been just waiting to get my pedi done... I literally had to sleep with my (extra fluffy white) spa socks on so that the world does not see my NAKED (as in no COLOR) toes!!! ...Not that the "WORLD" sleeps with me, but you know what I mean, I myself did not want to even look at them, see I try to block out all the depressing images.

Also, I couldn't let Vito see my toes, I mean, I have him convinced that my toes are naturally pearly pink, I can't let him know the real truth! ("Real" truth, btw is a genius frase made up by my little brother. Whenever (always) he doubted the authenticity of our explanations for why a certain thing must be done, like not eating in front of TV or brushing teeth everyday- he would always ask: "Are you telling me the REAL truth?" goodness, nothing can get by kids these days.

So yes, must not let Vito know "REAL truth".... ;) ....oh right, he reads this blog...hi honey!...

ps: so now I got "Easter toes"! I love Chanel...
psps: I wanted to take pictures at the salon, but forgot in all the commotion. I do have to say that since we got Chanel pedicures we did not want to risk ruining them so we wore our little spa flip-flops to walk down the street to our dinner... IN THE FREEZING RAIN. Ahh... the stuff we do for beauty!


alexis March 23, 2008 at 10:08 AM  

hey you around the rest of this weekend to do things, or do you have family ob's (obligations)?

cadiz12 March 24, 2008 at 4:03 PM  

i think it's worth it; the last pedicure i had was downtown in the freaking snowstorm. the salon lady had us put plastic baggies on our feet before we put on socks and boots. when i got home, there were creases all up on my pedicure! :(

i paint my toes a new color every time i see H. Of course, now that he's moving here today, i forgot to do so. oh well. it's not vacation anymore, baby.

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