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>> Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dulce's Birthday is coming up! First of all, WAW, has the year gone by already? I feel like I haven't really accomplished all that much since I go by how many states/countries I move in a period. I did however switch job twice (and looking to do it again right now). I'm telling you kids, job hopping is like drugs, once you're hooked you just can't stop yourself!

Well, the record for me so far, is 3 job changes in a year. Hmmm, if I hop again now, this will make it three, and if I hop again before summer is over, that would be 4 job changes in one year!

But hey, the good news is that if there was ANY doubt before about me working for myself, NOW it is definitely gone. That way I won't be able to job hop! Maybe my ideal career would be starting companies and selling them off. This way I can work for myself AND job hop!!!!

But yes, back to Dulce's Birthday... This is the illustration she sent out to us for "inspiration". This definitely looks like a job I can be happy doing!

Last year her birthday was a total trip.... and OBVIOUSLY we must top it this year!!!

On a totally unrelated note (as always)... I've been thinking... I don't feel blonde enough. I mean, I feel my blonde feeling is dwindling, and it just might be due to the fact that I'm in need of more highlights. Can this be possible?? And by blonde feeling I mean, the fuzzy peach, giggly, happy, sunny, I don't care that I'm about to switch my job for the third time this year, type feeling. You know what I mean?

Well. There is something to be done about it. Hopefully I can book myself an appointment with my shrink. I mean my hair lady.

On another totally unrelated note. I went to get some passport photos with all my family and the photographer totally asked my mom if she was excited for me to be leaving home.

"Her? Leave home??" my mom just waved her hand dismissively in my direction.

"Yeah! Why would I leave home!???" I asked the photographer lady

"Well, how old are you? 18? I imagine you'll be going off to college soon?" She looked confused.

"College??? Yeah, did that TEN YEARS ago!" I said

"Yeah, and she STILL came back to live with us!" Said my mom (is that a bitter note I detect?)
So there! Apparently I STILL look 18. And yes, I'm glad NICO was wrong but still not glad that I look so young. Apparently its the innocent eyes. What crap. Maybe its cus my girls Dulce and Wallstr look like they're 18 as well and its rubbing off on me!!!!

Ok, so I'm back at the initial point of this post, Dulce's upcoming birthday... Yeah, well, its POINTLESS to celebrate it girl, you still look 18. (Ok, maybe now we can try to say 19?)


cadiz12 February 7, 2007 at 8:26 PM  

oh honey, you konw that nico doesn't want to admit that you look 18 because he doesn't want to believe htat he looks his age.

happy birthday, dulce! i don't know what's going to top the turkish theme, but i'm sure you guys will have fun. :)

ale February 7, 2007 at 8:29 PM  

:))) !!! and yeah cadiz i think he just wants to think he looks older then me

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