>> Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oh, how about this one... (Continuing on trying to classify men into a more "understandable" category.)

Men are like pairs of shoes....

The right ones can take you to new heights.

A really great fit can be very comfortable, on the other hand the wrong fit will be painful!

You gotta take care of them and keep em' polished.

Can't wear them for too many consecutive days because they will fall apart right underneath you!

Therefore, you must keep lots of spare pairs available on hand.

Alternate them to match your outfits and the occasion...

It is not a good idea to let friends borrow them.

No matter how much you love them, you always want new ones!

Hmm.. maybe this isn't such a good analogy either...

On to the other business at hand; this weekend was another MARATHON!!! And Dulce was good enough to take about 500 pictures to record every second of it! All next week we'll be featuring pictures and stories, glimpsing life on the little island of Manhattan.


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