The idiotic things I do...yea yea....!

>> Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ok, just because we've been getting dumped and been whining up a tree... doesn't mean we're not blonde anymore, or that we've gotten serious and stuff.... NO! Even the scence of impending goodness heading this way will not prevent us from being idiotic. Now who's this "us" I refer to. Ohhhoohooh! Must you even ASK- it is you and I my friend(s), you and I! You by default, me by direct fault...

So what did "we" do today?? Well lets count down:

Top top 10 idiotic things Ale did today.... are.....

10. Took a message for myself when a client called, because "I" was out in a "meeting". But promised to relay the message and have myself call right back.
9. Spent 10 minutes looking for my hair band... as it was IN my hair.
8. Almost missed my train stop because there was a big murder going on in my book.
7. Forgot I changed the ring tone on my phone and was getting annoyed at the idiot whose annoying ass phone kept ringing ALL DAY!
6-2. Repeat 10-7
and my favorite one:
1. Discussed in great detail the difficulties of a cross border/cross cultural engagement with some strange dude on the SI ferry... right, because I'm engaged to a guy in Germany so that's how I know... aaaaahhaaaha - no seriously, it was a fun way to run the scenario by someone, even if its some random dude on a SI ferry. He told me about his kids in London...? Than I wondered... are we like both making up stories and running them by each other??


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