>> Monday, February 13, 2006

What an awesome weekend!!! 2 FEET of SNOW on the ground!!!! I took like a million pictures! Finally we have some kind of winter like behavior!

So being snowed in this weekend proved to be a perfect setting to be glued to the TV to watch the Olympics while sipping on that hot chocolate with whipped cream (fat free- sit back down!)

However, all the cozying up that was going on I still had some time to run out and conduct a Blizzard'06 of my very OWN... at a friendly store... Swept in and out with 2 pairs of shoes and a few silk tops...

Ok, so too tired now, tomorrow a total photo entry!

OH, and I almost forgot... had a sorta marriage proposal from a certain young man in Singapore appropriately during browsing the bikini isle in the store... hehehe... you better step up your game Nico!!!!


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