Stage left - enter Blond boy

>> Saturday, February 4, 2006

Heh-heeh heh....

OK so the date was a lot a lot of fun! Blond boy (he is blond) is totally great. I haven't really gotten a good look at him since I was staring at my plate the whole time...

Nahhh... just kidding!

He is a total cutie, has a similar sense of humor as my friends and I. This was a double date by the way, with Eye Candy and Mr. Eye Candy. Blond boy also has pretty eyes and nice teeth... (so if he was a horse, he'd be a healthy horse).

We went to my favorite restaurant of the moment and right from the start we were happy and friendly. It turns out that our jobs are actually very complementary... that is basically I would be contacting him if I wanted to acquire his company as a client... which I WANT...(!!!!)

After dinner we all went to this fun place for dessert and that's where I broke the rule of "NOT eating his sweets". I totally nibbled... though at least not with my hands... I used a spoon...

I'm sure at some point I did flash 3/4 chest at him, but it really was NOT intentional. I did laugh, but I watched myself to make sure it would not wake up any sleeping people in New Jersey.

So all in all, I did follow SOME of the guidelines. Like I totally kept my mouth shut when he told me that his family is Italian. I could have told him about my fantasy of marrying an Italian guy and living with him and his mom, eating spaghetti and having her do our laundry.... The strange thing is, he was so nice that I really did not feel a great urge to say outrageous stuff for shock value. I actually was a little shy... Except for the time I told him to take his shirt off. (Well, said that the collar was annoying him.)

Anyway, it was a blast! I like him, he will look good with my red dress I must wear to my friend's wedding and hopefully he likes me so we can get this show on the road.

Oh, in case you're wondering about #17. Profiteroles for desert was as french as we got. Though when I was saying goodbye, he grabbed me for a good strong kiss on the cheek... miaaau~

Tomorrow Eye Candy is supposed to arrange the "phone number exchange" so I guess we'll find out if he liked me or not...

Boy its late, I have a busy day tomorrow... which will start with an early trip to the hair salon, than lunch at Grandma and Grandpas for some gossip and discussion... and in the evening I will actually do something with cultural value, an evening at the NY philharmonic for some Mozart music. Trust me, I love Mozart, but I'd rather be listening to him on my way back from throwing myself of some snowy mountain all day! But what can you do if its like 50F in NY!!?!!

Wishing ya'll a great weekend!!!


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