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>> Monday, February 13, 2006

I had the absolute best weekend! New York got completely SNOWED IN!! There are two feet of snow in

Manhattan!! Ahhh sooo beautiful!!!

I knew the snow was coming so I got out of the house early on Saturday morning for immediate shopping! I did quite a bit of damage...

1. DKNY silk top
2. Sailor little tee
3. BCBG peak-a-boo toe shoes
4. And wild snake skin shoes

After running and sweeping up the store like a hurricane, I got into a car and drove home just as little snow flakes began to come down...

By evening time snow started to really come down heavy... and by night time it looked like this:

Saturday morning it was just GORGEOUS!

Of course everyone came out to play in the snow...

Than, since the Olympics weren't on yet, I took some pictures of my new beautiful shoes...

And than took more... and... more pictures....

And then I figured I needed to actually put the shoes on for the full effect. So here is the profile and the full frontal:

Man, my feet are vainy, haha, and I think you can still see the sock line... hehe


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