Back in the day when Shrimps roamed the earth...

>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm sorta helping someone with their dating. This made me think back to when I was out there dating. A lot of people find it a chore, as in, it's so annoying to go out there and kiss "frogs". I actually enjoyed it. Well, I found it entertaining at least. Like the time I went out with poor Shrimp. (Btw, Nicholas back then was a fake name for my darling Vito, I used to not trust the internet back then.)

I've actually been meddling in peoples love life ever since I have successfully completed my own "dating program", and the crazy thing is people have been letting me meddle! And some people (who listened to what Aunty Ale was telling them) actually found their special someones!!! One already had a baby and one I was extatic to find out is now pregnant! Gosh, so nice to see people spin out their very own fairy tales. Though I don't know what I enjoy more, fairy tale enablement or simply telling people what to do...


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