Everyone is Baby-loony!

>> Sunday, December 9, 2007

What a week!

Wednesday: Celebrate Sinterklaas get lots of presents!

Thursday: Concert Billie Ocean

Friday: Party it up at an all 'adults' party

...pictures to follow

I emphasized the word ''adults'' because this Saturday and Sunday it's all about the baaaayyybeys!

Here is one super adorable 2 yr old chowing down on some delicious good ol' dutch apple pie!

and tomorrow we are of to visit another baby! Yes people WELCOME to Baby-Loony! So what do I feel being among all these babies!? Well, I feel a minority! They're taking over! Not to mention all "the pregnant ladies" they're everywhere!!!! Aaahhhhh! (Here I go showing my OBVIOUSLY high level of immaturity, please don't mind me).


They are kinda sweet... and could potentially be very useful! I remember the days when my little brother, at two, would spend HOURS vacuuming the ENTIRE house! The kid would turn over all the cushions of the couch and get all the crumbies! He would lift the rug corners, he was the vacuuming king!!! But the only thing is that you can't stick your kid back in the closet after the vacuuming is done...

Ok, I better quit cus my immaturity levels are about to hit the roof.



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