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>> Saturday, December 22, 2007

For: Cook Book

What: A story of about half a page to set up "the scene" were you on a beach in Italy? Were you at your aunts house for Christmas? Were you cooking dinner for your guy/girl for the very first time? Just a brief story to let us get in the mood for your dish. Then of course follow with a recipe: ingredients and preparation instructions.

Publishing: It will be 'self published' each recipe will have a copyright: your name on the bottom of the page of your recipe.

Contributors: Send in a one or two sentence "bio" and a picture if you like!! If you are a blogger and would like your blog link included, cool too.

The book will have a bout 30 recipes, 10 starters, 10 main courses, and 10 deserts!

Send your entries to email: alegolden78.gmail.com

I will let you know immediately if it's IN! If you have a similar entry in your blog that you'd like to send in, that's perfectly fine!

So far... 5 recipe's are in... 25 to go!

Oh yeah... what do you get? Well when we're done we'll have a fabulous brand new cook book, our moms will be proud! :) And I guess the people we feed will be happy too! But most importantly it'll be a project completed and perhaps an inspiration to go on and complete all these other "projects" and creative goals we all have...


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