Christmas Dinner in details...

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

Starter was a salad of fresh greens with vinegrette, walnuts and grapes. The ham rolls had yummy apple salad inside. The sweet and salty combo was just the thing to get our apetite going!

Next came my Tom Ka Kai soup. I was really glad with how it turned out, I'll put up the recipe later. It was a bit spicier then perhaps expected by the 'general public' as to my horror I heard some people totally started caughing. But I think once they realized that it's stuff for a serious palette they toughened up whiped their tears and ate it.

Main course was done by the hosts. Duck brest with fluffy potatoes, green beens and marinated zucchini, with a chutney of mango, pinaple and peach. Delishious enough to lick your little fingers!

Miele, Vito's lovely cousin, made the desert. Crumble apple pie with cinnamon ice cream!! Yes indeed it was that exciting. I for one, never seen cinnamon ice cream in the US. Perhaps PR/Marketing people have decided that Americans associate cinnamon with warmth and would not like it in an ice cream. Those PR/Marketing people, how dare them decide our lives!?

Anyway and there you have it, our Christmas Dinner on the farm.


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