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I love reading blogs, it's like walking by a house in the evening and the light is on and the curtains are opened. You get to look in, see what the people are doing, see what they've done with the decor, etc, etc. Blogs are even better! It's like the people inside the house saw you walk by and ran out to invite you in for some tea and cookies and pretty much answer any question you want to pose them. I love it. I'm nosy, yes, and so what. I love to see what others are doing in their lives, what decisions they make and why, and perhaps learn a thing or two.

When I find a new blog that I like, I always look for the 'about me' section or find the very beginning to see who the person is and why they started the blog. So it's only fair that I make such a post for my blog.

So, who am I? I'm from the US and have moved to the Netherlands in 2007 because I met my darling Vito and he thought living in his small town Netherlands would be better then New York City (where I lived). He whisked me away exactly 1 year from the day we first laid eyes on each other. After a year living here we bough a cute little house, and 6 months ago we got married!

I love living here, I actually always dreamed of living in a small town America, and come to think of it, I basically have the same set up here, just a couple of windmills here and there throwing you off! This brings me to one of the reasons I started this blog. It's so easy to fall into the everyday flow of things and forget that you're living a real life fairy tale!!! I want to be sure and remind myself of the beautiful things around me.

Reason two.. having a husband (eeh! I still feel funny when I say that!), one must feed the husband. Yes I know it's the modern world and men cook, but STILL, I think every woman must know how to entice her man with good cooking. Anyway, reason two for this blog is to write down the recipes of things I cook so I can make them again. I tend to variate recipes I find on the internet and some times they come out especially wonderfully but gollygee I can't remember what the heck I did next time I try to make the dish!!! Like the absolutely yummy chilly soup I made out of remaining bolognese sauce... Can't remember what it was I did to make it so yum that first time.

Reason three. As there should be a three! I'm 31, (eeh! I still feel funny when I say that!) and I believe it's really time to accomplish the things that we had in mind when we were 21 graduating college and thinking arrogantly that we will conquer the world and all the people before us that said they would but did not were all idiots. Anyway, it's REALLY time to get on top of that. Like now. So I'd like to document my road here towards becoming a billionair-ess, or something just as appropriately ambitious. You think I'm kidding, I'm so not. I do have a few ideas about some interesting projects, neither of which has billions written on it, but that's not the point. I'm the type of person who is motivated by a goal rather then the actual achievement of it. The moment I achieve my goal however bogus, I need to immediately set another one or else I start moping around like an abandoned puppy outside of the supermarket. I say, if you shoot for the sun then you'll at least hit a star and that's perfectly fine with me! (As long as I hit something, yeah, I know I'm a bit violent).

A bit more about me... I love to travel, eat well, dress well, and party with family and friends. I've always loved to surprise people around me, now I think I'm at a point where I'd like to inspire them, and surprise myself instead. Oh yeah, and I LOVE coffee! (It must be the ex-new yorker in me.)

Hope you've enjoyed my little 'about me' section. This is probably the most 'normal' you'll ever see me acting. Seriously.
Ta! Air kisses on both cheeks daaaling!


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