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>> Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I would write a tortured post about hating Mondays... but... this is the THANKSGIVING week! And lucky me is off starting Wednesday, so its only today and tomorrow for me!

So tomorrow night is my date with the doctor guy that grandma has set me up with. I reported how I already talked to him last week and that he seemed pretty nice. I didn't mention the fact that the city he is from and his name is exactly my very first boyfriend's. He was a cutie my whole family was pissed that we broke up because he was cute. Especially Grandma, her words I believe were: "You SILLY silly girl! DON'T break up with him! He is so CUTE. Keep seeing him, maybe you'll meet a friend of his that you'll like better and you can date him instead!" Yeah grandma, or maybe I can just date BOTH of them! I'm sure they won't mind!...

Anyway, Grandma called me the other day to make sure I'm on track...

G: Ale dear, have you picked out what you're wearing?
A: Yeah, my red ski looking pants with my of the shoulder black sweater and my cowboy boots.
G: Oh you always kid around! Seriously now..?
A: Ok, fine, I'm wearing my gray skirt, knee high black boots, and a pink cashmere sweater.
G: That's better... Now, don't eat with your hands, and don't laugh too loud...
A: Can I make out with him after the date?
G: NO! but a kiss on the cheek will be fine.
A: Yes, Grandma--

*OK, I'm SO wearing that first thing I said, I'm so eating with my hands! and I'm SOOO going to laugh really loudly!!! But I love the fact that Grandma and I have fun stuff to discuss, I seriously think that if Grandma was a web surfing gal, she would not be reading my blog due to lack of sex!

Nicholas update: He has a picture of me in the office... and he said that the views in my office are incredible- hehehe- Yes I know--


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