More island hopping, and MORE matchmaking...

>> Wednesday, November 9, 2005

I don't know how I get into situations like these... but just now I allowed my Grandma to set me up on a date. Why do I do this to myself!!?!

Anyway, she caught me during a weak moment.

This Saturday we, my grandparents and I, went wine tasting to my beloved Long Island Wine country, and had the most lovely day! Picnic at Laurel Lake Vineyard... a bottle of their delicious Reisling... beautiful sunset! We just had such an awesome day. (This was the continuation of my Island Hopping weekend, by the way.) Maybe it was this nice time we've had that I couldn't say no to my enthusiastic little Grandma! That, and I believe she mixed in a good dose of jewish guilt, and statements like: "You are giving me a heart attack!!!" "Why do you insist on making me unhappy!?" "All I want is to die knowing that you'll be marrying a doctor... (well, that you'll be marrying period)" You get the picture. And it is true, my romantic stories are not fitting for the frail of heart, or citizens over 65.


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