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>> Monday, January 18, 2010

In November we went on a family trip to South Africa with Vito's parents and brother. We were there for two weeks driving around the southern cape, it was glorious! Of course one of the funnest things about being in a foreign country is the food! I love noticing what is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner when I travel. One of the things we noticed in South Africa is that Granola and Yogurt is the quintessential breakfast food. One of the most amazing breakfasts we had was In Prince Albert, a tiny one street town in the Karoo (dessert). We had a beautiful spread with huge wine glasses containing layers of strawberry yogurt with granola, then big chunk of french toast with raspberry, fig and plum gams arrived in large terracotta plates. The most delicious cafe latte and fresh squeezed orange juice was also presented in beautiful tall glasses. After we liked our fingers the waitress brought a check. This was strange since breakfast was included with our hotel stay. After a slight commotion the waitress said that she misunderstood that we were actually guests at the hotel and that yes indeed the breakfast was included.

The next morning our breakfast included the same food however it was presented differently, less grandly. Cafe latte came in a simple white mug, yogurt and granola were placed on the table in two large bowls for us all to share. French toast was simply stacked in a bread basket. We enjoyed the breakfast again but there was definitely a difference. The prettily presented breakfast is definitely the one that delighted and surprised us and the one we remember when we talk about Prince Albert.
And here is a step by step granola and yogurt beautification process. It's so easy, but everyone will think you're a genious!


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