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>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have not had a chance to describe the opulence of our New Year's Eve in France. The six of us stayed at an old farm house and cooked up an amaizing multi course dinner. My best friend M was visiting from Chicago with her husband E. What a change this NYE was. Not to long ago my NYE consisted of wild dancing on the beach of some exotic country or other, just 4 years ago M and I were in Costa Rica viewing the fireworks from a beach at Manuel Antonio. Well now we celebrated also in a different country but it was a bit more relaxed. I found it perfect in its own way. Growing up is not so bad.


taramasalata on blinis
about a million oysters


roasted chicken with chessnuts
green beans
garden vegetables
thyme roasted potatoes

Cheese course:
french cheese gallore, I will be lost to recount all the cheeses

petit fours

Champagne and red wines from Burgundy accompanied the feast.

It was the six of us in a farm house somewhere in the middle of French country side (Ok, a tiny little village called Poligny) and we were thinking about having a very relaxed New Year's Eve, but somhow we still managed to go to beds around 3am. We just got carried away with the deliciousness. It was great!! I would not mind to do a similar stint next year. Just where...?
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J {*sparklingly} January 30, 2013 at 5:42 PM  

Growing up is not bad at all (at least the way we do it ;)) !

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