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>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why are Asians so slim? My friend M, who came to visit for New Years brought me some yummy Asian food treats that she knows I love. M is originally from Taiwan, so there were always interesting snacks to try when we hung out at her house "studying" in high school. And yes M is super thin.

As I ripped into a bag of gummy "muscat grape" candy already imagining poping a handful into my mouth I was met with an obstacle! Each candy was wrapped individually! Very suggestively indicating that I should eat only one... What!? Ofcourse I ate more then one obviously, and as I cleared away a small mountain of wrappers I thought. Are asian people thin because they exercise portion control?? I pulled out a similar package of gummy candy bought in Europe. Sure enough candies were not individually wrapped speaking to your inner psyche to eat the ENTIRE bag!

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from our brothers in the East.

My friend M however, is a bad example; she eats like a black hole! Like there is no tomorrow. As if she was about to be dropped of on a deserted island. As if she was pregnant with a fully grown football team!!
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