Get your man into the kitchen rice pudding recipe.

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Creamy rice pudding

One of the things that surprised me when I moved in with Vito is that we were not good at cooking together. I guess it never came up because while dating we would eat out on our dates. And because we lived on different continents while we were dating, impromptu cooking sessions after say, watching a movie at someones house never happened. I knew that Vito could cook so I assumed that cooking together would become a regular activity after I moved in...

Well... it didn't quite happen that way. After a few times trying to cook together we both decided that it would be better to just take turns. In our case it was like trying to drive a car together! And I don't mean one person navigates and one person steers, I mean as if two people trying to steer and shift gears TOGETHER. We're just two control freaks. So that was a bit of a surprise to me. In my head I had a vision of us making delicious food together gliding around the kitchen like pairs figure skaters, our dance interrupted only when we would spontaneously drop to the floor to make love every ten minutes. Gosh, you know how sometimes in your head things may seem so nice but in reality they're not so practical? Do you know how hard marble floor is? Ouch!

Anyway, after a bit we figured out a way to sometimes come together in the kitchen in a 'safe' and orderly manner. ;) We figured that we can cook together if each of us is completely responsible for one (or two) dishes. So for example if Vito is making the stakes, and he is better at meat then me (since I apparently don't have enough math knowledge to figure out when to turn it over to the other side), I make the sides. Sometimes when preparing for a dinner party, I'll make the main course and Vito will take care of the starter and dessert.

Now this was a rather easy solution, but what do you do if your partner wants nothing to do with the kitchen and you want to fulfill your fantasy of synchronized cooking?? Well this recipe is perfect for you to get your man (or gal) into the kitchen with you!

Introducing: Super easy Rice Pudding desert.

Now the fun thing about this recipe is that it's super easy, all your partner needs to do is stand and stir! A genius thing about this recipe is that they'll need to stand and stir for about the time it'll take you to make dinner, about 20 mins. Brilliant! So let's get started.

1 cup of long grain rice
1/2 liter milk
1 table spoon non salted butter
2 table spoons of honey
1 table spoon of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of ginger
1/2 teaspoon of cardamon
few drops of Vanilla extract
secret ingredient: slivered almonds

Warm up a medium sauce pan on the stove. Throw in the butter and let it melt. Add the rice and stir to get the butter coating the rice until you see rice turn a bit translucent. (About 1 minute) Turn the fire down to small flame. Now you will start to add milk in 1/2 cup at a time. Stir, stir, stir. Keep adding more milk and keep stirring. After about 10 mins stir in the cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, honey and brown sugar. Stir some more. Add 1 cup of boiled water to the mix and let simmer while stirring occasionally for about 10 more minutes. (Add more milk along the way if necessary.) Depending on the rice you use, long cooking or 8 minute rice, it may take longer for you to cook it. Try the rice and if it's ready then you're done, if it's still hard you can continue to add more milk and stir.

You'll probably have to walk away from it to eat dinner so if you want to eat your rice pudding hot, just turn the fire back on stir it for a minute or two add a bit more milk if you want and serve hot. Now before you serve it take some slivered almonds and throw them in, stir and serve! The almonds will add a nice crunch that will contrast nicely with the soft creamy rice.

Do you have any tips on getting your significant other into the kitchen with you?


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