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>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Once upon a time for a year I lived in a place called Manhattan. It was a strange, strange land full of funny, mystical creatures...

They went about their days buzzing with an air of importance by day and with an air of complete wild abandon by night.

Now here I go, about to fall of another proverbial cliff of a triad. All I really wanted to do was show you something typically manhattan, and that is a lox bagel!
There is something magical about bagels in NYC, some say its the water. A bagel baker I knew used to freeze and sand on a plane a weekly package to a cafe owner in Tokyo. Imagine that, little bagels baked in Brooklyn all the way in Tokyo.

This was my breakfast of choice along with some cart coffee. Well, it was when I wasn't running late for work, on some kind of a starvation diet, in love, or just having a freak-out about nothing in particular just life in general. So basically, such breakfast was a rare and wonderful treat. Yum, got to have it again last week.
Verzonden vanaf mijn draadloze BlackBerry®-toestel


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