new york, city of dreams?

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm now in New York at my parents' house. It's funny how I don't say "I'm home" anymore because home now really is my Little Town, Netherlands. It's pretty refreshing. Mostly for my parents I think. I mean they really had a bit of a scare when I bomeranged back to this house after living in Manhattan on my own for a year.

I moved back in and 'crashed' on the couch in the living room temporarily (for two years) so that they lost all hope of EVER getting me out. Hehehe, when Vito came and whisked me away I was convinced my parents were secretly paying him... They weren't. At least Vito did not store it in any visible bank account.

Now being in NY is reminding me of the things I want to accomplish still, like start a business, write a book... Having BIG ambitious goals is always something that makes me feel warm and cozy inside. I'm like that. I can't sit still.

But to make myself feel better I do like to recount the BIG ambitious goals I have accomplished so far:

learn Italian
visit Patagonia
find a job that sends me places on a jet plane
get married

Yep, I like this excersize! Makes me feel all self satisfied. Makes me also hope that I can start tackling other goals on my list.


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