10 things to take on a trip.

>> Friday, April 8, 2005

Hello my beautiful people!

I'm jetlagging badly right now... always happens comming back to this side of the ocean. I'm sleeping normally but my eating times are all screwed up. Like today I ate dinner for breakfast. Maybe I'll have breakfast for lunch...? What do you think? hehe

Anyway, this is what's going to happen for the next few days: I'll write my Barcelona stuff in a different color so it will be clear where is what. Actually I was going to post something yesterday but than as I hit "publish" blogger totaly flaked out on me!!! Sucks, it was really long and winded (as always).

Friday, April 1st

I really did have the very best intentions on getting everything work related accomplished so I can just sit there and enjoy the "anticipation" but nope, ofcourse I was still running around as my white limo (jsut a town car this time) was frantically calling my cellphone form downstairs.

On the way there the driver and I discussed everything from NYC lifestyle, to real estate market (he is shopping for a condo in Miami), to the politics in Cuba... to resolving world hunger and the operations of the World Bank. It was deffinitely a productive 45 minutes.

Talking about productivity, I'm happy to say that I did pack myself correctly for the trip. I will now reveal the 10 things that you absolutely cannot leave out when traveling! Business or pleasure, you need these items:

1. Advils (or any other headache medicine you trust) - for when you need to get over a nasty hangover headache.

2. Eye drops - for when you need to get rid of the red eyes that WILL devolope due to lack of sleep... due to going out partying, drinking, and performing any other sleep depriving activities.

3. Eyepatch covers (however you call them) - a must have if you plan on sleeping on the plane.

4. Travel friendly manicure set - the so will take away your metal filer!! so make alternative arrangements.

5. Lip gloss - so you walk out of the plane as cute as possible, every second in a foreign country is a chance to have a foreign fling!

6. Tri band cellphone- cus you need to start calling someone as soon as the plane lands and the anoying seatbelt sign "...is turned off and the doors are opened..." yeah yeah...

7. Locion - airplanes are the number 1 cause of dry skin

8. Credit cards/bank cards - this is trickier than you think as you'll see below...

I spent quite a few minutes calling all my credit cards and bank atm cards because if you don't report the fact that you are traveling they WILL shut your cards off!! TRUST ME! Someone actually does monitor what you're doing with your cards, and if they see "strange" behavior they will shut your card down for "security protection purposes untill further investigation confirms the legitimacy of transactions". It's a good thing, if your card is actually stolen and someone is trying to buy farm equipment somwhere in Missuri, but it totally sucks when you're in the middle of a very important Furla bag purchase in Milan!! So I called to advise them not to be alarmed if they see "uncarachteristic and unpreceedented usage" (their terms not mine). Furthermore! Going forward they need to consider withdrawals of large sums in any of the European Union member countries a VERY carachteristic usage!! OK!?!!!

There that said and done, I was finally at the airport, at the Iberia counter. By the way, what's up with the uniforms??? The mens' are OK, but the womens' ones are completely hidious! They look like cow milking girls from somewhere in Eastern Europe!! Anyway, at that point however I was distracted because this very cute 17 year old (he looked 17) checked me in... as I checked him out... than he directed me to my gate as I continued to stare right at him. He had a beauty mark on his cheek... he had this Enrique Iglesias thing going on. Ahhh, the silly 10 year difference cannot stand in the way of true love like this!!! Excuse me..When is your 18th birthday?? and where are your parents?

To be continued...


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