Is one born a blonde or become it later in life?

>> Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yesterday at work, I spent 30 minutes discussing a certain project with one of my overseas clients only to realize AFTER hanging up that it was the WRONG client!!!! Whatever, Paraguay, Uruguay, same thing right!!?? Well the good thing is that the conversation was very positive (after the initial 5 minutes of complete confusion on their part) so this basically means that I got a whole new project! I'm so blonde, no?

Lets go to the root of the situation (haha, root, get it....).
My hair is naturally light brown. I guess "goldeny" in the sun. When I turned sixteen I gave myself a few blond streaks, and since I have light eyes they looked really fitting. I remember so many people complementing all in unison saying that I must keep the streaks for ever and ever!!
Oh, I kept them alright, and every year there appeared a few more, and a few more... Until last year I stepped out of my salon and I was almost all BLONDE. I just remember noticing that I was getting so much attention, I remember realizing that people treated me differently, they talked to me differently... everything was different. But see here is the question, was it really different because my hair was more BLONDE, or was it because I started acting like a BLONDE??? They say blondes have more fun, well I definitely started to behave like I was having more fun... so maybe the world just mirrored my new found blondness??? I still don't know.

Now is this "blonde" behavior or what:

1. Sometimes in my house I walk into a wall... and hurt myself!
2. Adding 4 and 2 I consistently get 7.
3. Once I forgot the office keys in my apartment and had to return for them, only to forget them AGAIN since I couldn't remember why I came back to the apt in the first place.
4. Can't spell the word "of course". I spell it "ofcourse", cus' ofcourse that's the correct way!
5. I go to museums... to use their restrooms.
6. Went hiking, climed up a mountain (a hill) and did not know how to get down.
7. Once was scared by my own shadow (actually more than once).
8. I give the same nickname to all the guys I date, so I don't have to learn and remember their names. What??... you don't think "hey you" is a cute name???
9. Ok, was just kidding about #8. I write down their names on index cards.
10. Finally I just use the blonde thing to excuse myself from following politics, news, and everything else remotely serious....
11. Oh, just now Wall street and I had an argument about English muffins being bread, or not. It is bread! She said they were muffins, well what's a muffin? Its a bread product!

All I know is eversince becoming totally blond, I feel so much more "myself" now the silly things that I always did are now called "ahhh, you are such a blonde, how cute" instead of "that was stupid, why'd you do that!"

So is being blonde something you're born with?? Or does it come upon you after you dye your hair??? Oh, gosh, I'm soooo, totally confused!

I'm going to go admire my hair in the mirror now!

Ciao belli!


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