Dá me um beijo!

>> Sunday, April 17, 2005

Um... the city!... Right... that's exactly what I was taking the picture of...

Yep, this is the scene of that wonderful afternoon in Barcelona in the company of 3 very nice Brazilian young men, large quantity of beer and green olives! By the way, I TOTALLY won the olive pitt spitting contest!!

Oh, and they're names were... check this out: Joao, Joao and Dudu!
"Joao" pronounced- (jWAW!) -- the exclamation point is optional... but if you had been there you'd agree that in this case, its imperative.

Even though they continually tired to convince me of being over 21, (I checked their papers, supposedly they were.) I still do not believe them being a day over 18 (hey, AT LEAST, for my sake). Both Joaos had disorganized curly hair and Dudu had a buzz. What is it with Brazilian men!? (Ok, in this case YOUNG men.) They're just so HOT! Is it the smile? The eyes, the way they talk? Is it because they're so... ehem.. "friendly"? Can some one reveal the mystery?? Or will I have to go through life trying to figure it out!!?? (..now that actually sounds like a great idea, considering the "test group"...)



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