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Saturday, April 2

Arriving in Spain was weird. I always get this "feeling" when I get off the plane in Europe. Its a feeling that just appears out of nowhere and I have no idea why or what it represents. Its really a misture of feeling something very familiar... returning to your hometown that you haven't visited in years and remembering everything that you've managed to forget... I don't know, its just this strange yet familiar sensation that takes you by surprise and makes you think that maybe there is much more to you than you can ever imagine.

This feelings is scary sometimes because you just want more and more of it. You want to find out what is it that triggers these "memories", memories of things that you've actually never experienced. Its a mystery, and it can become a drive that takes over your life.

For some people that experience it, life is never the same... they drop everything in search of answers... I know many of these people. They're spead all over the world, speaking languages that are foreign to them and realizing that they can express themselves best in them... They cook exotic foods and are comforted by them as if their grandmothers were the ones to cook them first. I know this feeling very well. I am also one of those people who supressed it, who hid it, and who returned to her "real" life... only to realize that the "real" life will never be the same again.

Ok, I'm done with the mushy stuff-- for now--

So Saturday morning as I came out of the plane in Madrid, I remembered that in Spain the sweet smell of European cigarettes is the fist thing that hits you. Waw, even in Italy it is "officially" forbidden to smoke in airports, people still do, and then the sexy Carabinieri boys come over and shake their heads at you, and than ask to take you out. But in Spain there are still these "smoking stations". Wild!

Like a pro I went straight to the atm machine and got my first 100 Euros out. After a brief moment of exsiliration that it worked! I realized the depressing part of this situation: 100 euros = $130 dollars, how depressing!!!

to be continued... oh, and my very "professional" pictures are comming too...


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