Rainy day.

>> Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today was just rainy all day. And FREEZING. Well, I know, its because I insist on wearing light spring clothes already. Upon leaving the office it started thundering and there was lightning. So I guess I can congratulate everyone because it is now officially spring.

Still doesn't change the fact that it was rainy and cold... so to compensate for this incompetent weather I took myself to the solarium. And now I will cheer you all up by making you look at my new clothes!! (That's always a sight for sore eyes.)

My spoils from Europe.

Yep, all taken out of ZARA and MANGO. (Both stores are Spain born so the only two that sortof had decent exchange rates.) And that's ALL that I bought while in Spain. Can you believe it!!! That is so depressing!!

To keep myself from a complete break down I went shopping in NY, immediately and bought a few more thing.


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