>> Friday, April 15, 2005

La Pedrera, on Passeig de Gracia

Barcelona's big thing is this whole Modernist movement and Gaudi's architecture is seen throughout the city. I'm not into history... (or another serious knowledge) so I did not get into the historical details, just stayed focused on shopping and people watching. Or maybe I should say STARING!? Honestly, what is it with Spaniards? They STARE. Other Europeans do it rather inconspicuously but in Spain its just so blatant its unbelievable. I kept checking to see if my fly was open or if my ear fell of and I didn't notice...but everything seemed in place and they were still staring!!! They stared as if I was a monkey in the zoo! Or... wait... I'd rather say: They stared LIKE MONKEYS in the Zoo! (Ok, that's a better expression.)


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