How to make yourself happy, secret REVEALED!

>> Thursday, January 18, 2007

Looks like the middle of nowhere right? But its actually abt 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam.
How gorgeous and wild looking!

You know what else is gorgeous?

Yep, Nico was the nicest host and fed me and decorated just like I dreamed!!! (and outlined in an email)

Here at sempreprimavera we always ponder the true meaning of happiness, how to get it and where.
Well again, I must say that happiness is really something that you have to MAKE, choose, decide... see all the action words? That's the main lesson kids. Happiness requires work, well, movement in the very least.
You have to go and get it, and not to give up because you're lazy, uninspired, scared it'll never happen, but rather go, do, get. OH! and its not like once you find happiness that's IT. NO! You gotta go, do, get EVERYDAY. It's work that never ends.
The good news is: that anyone can be happy! and all the doing that you have to do to get it, is the kind of action that makes you happy even before you reach that ultimate "happiness". (Just think ice cream: while eating it you're already happy even before that satisfactory last spoon full ;)
Ever wonder why construction workers always seem jovial? Cus they're MOVING and not sitting on their asses in front of computers all day long. Ever wonder why you'd rather drive 30 minutes longer rather then save the 30 minutes but sit in traffic most of the way...?
MOVEMENT and just action in general will already make you happy. And it makes perfect sense, because there is more chance of you being happy or getting what you want when you are in movement, you simply cover more ground that way.

What does any of this nonsense have to do with Nico and Nicoland? Hmm... I guess I was just thinking that as magical as this whole thing seems and how it is magically making me so happy, its actually not very magic at all!!! It's just part of a very simple formula: MOVE YOUR ASS and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Thank you, and tomorrow we will meet to discuss world peace and ending hunger, there may be some time left so we'll get started on global warming prevention as well.


Un-Swiss Miss January 19, 2007 at 3:54 PM  

I love reading your blog because you are so cheerful! Especially these days, when I get into sad moods both because I'm leaving New York, and because Swissy Pie isn't around. So thanks for keeping my spirits up!

ale January 19, 2007 at 4:55 PM  

jazz- yes- we go over the top here!

VR- driving is great isnt it! especially on a red vespa with a sisilian backdrop preferably...

GG- you see! happiness is how you look at it- for you its chocolate cake- and i dont like chocolate, so maybe green olives for me!! :)

jessica- i wonder if small town, switzerland has traffic jams...?

mi manera- chinchiiiin!! si! hang out with us- estamos siempre de fiesta aqui!!

MR.Highcontrast- thats not real estate!!! that's actually a NATIONAL PARK- "the dunes: sand dunes and forested areas that have specifically been planted to keep the coast line from erroding back into the north sea.. yeah i guess i should have explained it better- i'll post something on it. that's really hillarioius- you and i have been in the corporate world too long! :)))

cadiz- hmm maybe me and you should have another 'powwow' about future plans :))) it seemed to have worked out well last time we had that kind of discussion.

un-swiss miss (soon to be swiss miss) i'm VERY happy that you find all this cheefulness a good idea :) - yey be excited!! doit!!

yes kids Here at SP "we forcefeed happiness down your throat!" and you betta like it!!!

jiji January 19, 2007 at 4:58 PM  

great post! it's all about moving forward. perhaps that's why we feel so much better after travelling :)

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